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Careers in the aggregates industry


Prepares accounting statements and reports. Analyzes financial reports and records, making studies or recommendations relative to the accounting of reserves, assets, and expenditures. Reviews and verifies the accuracy of journal entries and accounting classifications assigned to various records. Conducts special studies and develops or recommends accounting methods and procedures. May direct the activities of less experienced accountants or clerks.

Area/District Sales Manager

Through sales personnel, directs the sale of products within an assigned geographic area. Develops the marketing plan and directs the overall activities to achieve objectives. Has responsibility for pricing, marketing and quotes on major projects and inventory management. Prepares sales forecasts and budgets. Recommends changes in marketing policy, advertising, sales promotion activities and pricing structure to improve companys competitive posture and promote increased sales penetration of assigned area.


Following established purchasing policies and procedures, obtains materials from suppliers at lowest cost consistent with considerations of quality, reliability, or source and urgency of need. Studies market trends, interviews vendors, and recommends sources of supply. Analyzes quotes, selects or recommends suppliers, and schedules deliveries. Places and follows up on orders. Advises suppliers of forecast changes in requirements. Maintains current records of quotes, prices, and sources.

Central Maintenance Manager

Directs all maintenance operation for several operations. Recommends improvements in maintenance processes and techniques in order to promote more efficient operations.

Chief Financial Officer

Provides direction for the financial operations of the company, subsidiaries and operations including treasury and accounting functions. Establishes and implements corporate financial policies, procedures and structures. Provides administrative and technical direction to all financial operations to insure accurate corporate financial data. Establishes and directs all financial plans to insure a positive financial posture.

Chief Operating Officer

Directs day-to-day operations of the company, formulating plans and policies to achieve overall corporate objectives. Establishes short-term and long-term plans consistent with overall profit and growth objectives. Provides key management direction to top executive and supervisory personnel, providing guidance, advice, and direction to carry out major plans consistent with Board established policies. Monitors operating results to insure corporate performance and profitability is maintained.

Distribution/Transportation Manager

Responsible for all distribution functions of multiple operations. Responsible for transportation, dispatch, shipping, inventory management, and customer service levels.

District Engineer

Develops long-term operation planning for a group of operations. Applies engineering principles to prepare detail design data, layouts, standards, specifications, and cost estimates on moderate size projects. Inspects contractors work or may serve as a construction supervisor. Coordinates construction activities such as erection and installation to assure that schedules are maintained and interference minimized. Verifies labor and material charges on assigned projects.

Electrical Engineer

The electrical engineer is responsible for the safe and energy-efficient design of electrical system projects in various operations that meet OSHA, NEC, and company requirements. Utilizes new equipment advances such as PLC. Provides project cost estimates and control of costs. Conducts equipment audits for unsafe conditions and proper installation and maintenance of equipment. Supervises construction contractors. Recommends and implements automation and provides technical support for installation. Assists operations in training electricians.


As a design or project engineer applies engineering principles to the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of structures and productions facilities. The fully competent engineer will function with a high degree of independence and will use extensive knowledge and expertise to direct major projects or provide technical expertise in a specialty.

Environmental Engineer

Responsible for assuring the operations within an area are in compliance with local, state, and federal environmental laws and regulations. Supervises and/or conducts analytical testing requirements and prepares and submits appropriate reports. Inspects and audits facilities to insure compliance. Recommends and assists with the design, establishment, operation, and management of air and water quality monitoring systems and other environmental protection systems.

Environmental Services Manager

Plans, directs, and manages the environmental services function. Maintains professional knowledge of policies, procedures, and regulations pertaining to the environmental function of construction materials operations. Also directs and conducts audits of facilities.


Supervises the operations at an assigned operation. May direct drilling, blasting, loading, crushing, screening, sorting, washing, stockpiling, or maintenance activities. This is the first line supervisor over operation employees providing there is more than one level of supervision.


Applies geologic principles and practices to direct investigations of rock deposits of potential value to a crushed stone producing company. Examines aerial photographs, evaluates results of geophysical prospecting and prepares geological data, and recommends further study or action. Recommends purchase, retention, sale or resale of property.

Human Resource Specialist

Provides expertise in one or more areas of the personnel function through the application of sound techniques, principles, and practices. Areas of specialty may be job analysis, benefits administration, EEO/AAP administration, recruitment and employment, training and development, etc. May research, develop, and update HR programs and policies for related specialty.

Maintenance Manager

Directs the day-to-day maintenance operations for an operation. Responsible for effective maintenance and repair programs, equipment safety programs and equipment/machinery utilization. May act as technical advisor on all equipment issues and assists management team with budget, purchase, and decisions. Recommends improvements in maintenance processes and techniques in order to promote more efficient operations.

Manager Accounting

Manages the general accounting functions of the organization and the preparation of reports and statistics reflecting earnings, profits, cash balances, and other financial results. Formulates and administers approved accounting practices throughout the organization to assure that financial and operating reports accurately reflect the condition of the business and provide reliable information necessary to control operations.

Manager Credit & Collections

Responsible for maintaining, supervising, and recommending credit and collection policies including the investigating of new customers, extending credit lines, granting credit and following up on making collection arrangements for overdue account balances. May supervise credit analysts or collection personnel. Personally handles complex and larger accounts.

Manager Geological Services

Plans, directs, and manages the organizations geologic services function. Employee is a recognized technical expert capable of resolving complex technical problems requiring broad application of advanced knowledge. Recommends and negotiates purchase, retention, or sale of property. Evaluates progress and results and recommends major changes in procedures or objectives.

Manager Human Resources

Responsible for developing and administering policies and programs covering employee relations, wage, and salary administration, benefits administration, training, AAP/EEO, labor relations, safety, and special projects. Administers grievance procedures and develops and conducts union-avoidance programs. May also have responsibility for office services, facilities, and community relations.

Manager Human Resources Specialty

Responsible for design, implementation, scheduling, and monitoring of one or more human resource functions such as compensation, training and development, labor relations, etc. Assists in the administration of HR department activities, providing technical direction in functional areas of expertise.

Manager Purchasing

Responsible for the purchasing functions within the organization. Obtains and evaluates quotations with respect to prices, specifications, and delivery dates and determines which source most adequately fulfills requirements. Negotiates price, delivery and terms of orders. Directs the preparation and maintenance of equipment catalogs, specification books and vendor capability records. Directs the sale of scrap and surplus materials and equipment.

Manager Quality Control

Directs the companys quality control activities. Establishes policies and procedures for maintaining an effective program. Implements and manages inspection and testing procedures and recommends corrective action to insure conformity with customer specs and standards.

Managing Engineer

Plans, directs, and manages the organizations engineering services. Applies engineering principles to the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of structures and production facilities. Assures that the engineering activities and practices meet the companys requirements for quality control and environmental concerns.

Management Trainee

This is an entry level position used for preparing an inexperienced individual for a career in the aggregates industry. Requires a Bachelors Degree in engineering or business.

Micro Computer Support Specialist

Provides technical support to insure the installation of PCs and related hardware are successfully accomplished. Installs current and new revisions of operating system and utilities. Installs (may modify) application programs based upon general specifications to solve various operations requirements. Provides troubleshooting, maintenance, and repair assistance. May provide training and consulting on the use of the hardware and related software applications.

Plant Clerk

Performs duties involving the application of standard procedures to a variety of clerical assignments. Maintains records, develops reports, and operates computer terminal and other office equipment. Provides secretarial and general support services.

Plant Manager

Manages, through subordinate personnel, the various operations associated with mining, processing, stockpiling, loading and shipping aggregates for an operation location. Applies knowledge of production methods, processes, equipment and production to assure operating effectiveness and improve efficiencies. Responsible for preparation of operating budget and forecasting data.

Plant Office Administrator

Responsible for administrative and clerical functions of plant or facility. Supervises office administrative functions including staffing, purchasing, and clerical support services such as word processing, filing, accounting, spreadsheet and record keeping. Applies company policies and procedures to administer office routine.

Production Manager

Through plant superintendents/managers, directs the production operations for a number of producing operations. Develops operations plans and directs overall activities to achieve objectives. Has responsibility for capital budgeting, production planning, manning and inventory levels. Reviews, analyzes and recommends major expenditures for assigned facilities.

Quality Control Representative

Responsible for the quality control activities in an assigned geographic area. Examines causes of poor product quality, determines origin of the problem and initiates corrective action. Reviews customer and sales complaints regarding product quality and coordinates resolution. The fully competent representative has comprehensive knowledge of the field and is responsible for technical and complex testing.

Safety and Health Manager

Directs the companys safety and health program. Responsible for the developing policies and protecting training to insure the safety of all personnel and facilities. Evaluates company/facility practices and implements changes as necessary to comply with both company policy and governmental regulations. Ensures that safety requirements are included in the design and construction of company operations.

Safety and Health Representative

Responsible for implementing the companys safety and health programs in an assigned geographic area. Promotes employee awareness of safety and health, compiles and submits required internal and external reports, investigates accidents and conducts health screenings. May coordinate/monitor environmental and/or drug and alcohol programs.

Senior Sales Representative

Sells and promotes product(s) in an assigned territory. Maintains productive working relationships with customers and operations. Identifies new markets and targets specific accounts and prospects to meet or exceed sales objectives. The fully qualified, experienced sales representatives will have a comprehensive knowledge of the companys products, services, and policies and will provide technical assistance to meet customer needs.

Vice President, Operations

Directs the day-to-day operations of all operations related activities, implementing plans and policies to achieve corporate objectives and attain maximum operating results. Ensures compliance of operational unit goals with overall corporate objectives. Plans, staffs and supervises all assigned work unit activities through subordinate managers. Coordinates and confers with staff to resolve operating problems and coordinates department operation with overall corporate framework.

Vice President Sales

Provides overall direction to sales and marketing efforts to insure all department programs, policies, and procedures are in compliance with corporate objectives. Through subordinate sales managers, administers all department functions including establishing goals and objectives, developing operating budgets and expenses and maintaining liaison with all management personnel to assure that policy continuity and consistency are maintained throughout the corporation.

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